Gift box & gift card 🎁

Our gift boxes are designed for all kinds of coffee lovers and for every occasion: from the lover of traditional espresso coffee, to those who prefer the tasting of the drink in filter coffee, to those who want to discover the origins through a real journey into the world of coffee. The sets also come with tools for home-made coffee preparation.

Barista Set

kit for barista

44.50 €

Brewing coffee set

for filter coffee

44.00 €

Coffee liqueur cream

Mokaflor's elixir

15.90 €

Coffees of the world set

journey into the world of coffee

20.50 €

Cold Lab

Coffee for Cold Brew

13.00 €
BEST FOR MOKA-ESPRESSO miscela-specialty WCP

Flower Bloom Coffee

The spring specialty and Women Coffee Project blend

14.00 €
gift card

Gift cards

for coffee lovers

0.00 €

Istanbul coffee set

the magic of Turkish coffee

28.90 €

Italian espresso set

traditional coffee blends

17.50 €

Latte Art set

for cappuccino decorations

80.50 €

Napoli coffee set

the real Neapolitan coffee

32.50 €

Specialty Coffee Set

journey into the world of coffee

26.50 €

Gift card

The Gift Card is a Caffèlab digital card sent by email to the recipient of your gift. It can also be used for online purchases for partial amounts.
All you have to do is choose the most suitable design, add a message for the recipient and invite them to the Caffèlab world!

An original way to offer something different from the usual, leaving free choice to its recipient. Perfect for undecided and latecomers.

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