Brewing accessories

When we enter the world of filter coffee & brewing methods, we get ready to use many different accessories. Complimentary to the main object of extraction which could be a Chemex, V60, Aeropress or many more, we choose amongst: filters of all types, jugs, scales, precision pourers (including electric ones) manual coffee grinders and other accessories which will support your ideal brewing extraction.

Best sellers

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Pour over kettle


135.00 €

Wooden cupping spoon

Wood'n Coffee

21.60 €

Hario drip scale

per coffee brewing

60.00 €

In offerta

Acaia Lunar scale

espresso & brewing

299,00 269,10
In offerta

Acaia Pearl black scale

espresso & brewing

199,00 179,10
In offerta

Acaia Pearl white scale

espresso & brewing

198,00 178,20

Aeropress coffee filters


6.00 €
In offerta

Aeropress ultrafine coffee filters


19,50 18,53

Bonavita range server

coffee brewing

17.00 €

Brewing scale with timer


32.50 €

Bunn range server

coffee brewing

21.50 €

Chemex coffee filters

3 / 6 cups

13.00 €

Classic V60 filters


3.80 €

Cupping bowls


6.30 €

Cupping spoon


3.00 €

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