Coffee machines

Caffèlab has selected a wide selection of coffee machines for you: from espresso machines to filter, professional, semi-professional and manual machines. To complement the machines, you will also find automatic coffee grinders, able to guarantee the freshness and persistance of the aromas contained within the coffee beans. Automatic coffee grinders are in fact great in helping you achieve an excellent final result.

Best sellers

Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine

for filter and american coffee

245.00 €

With coffee machines you have the benefit of tasting our cup of espresso or filter coffee, according to our preferences, at home or at the bar. Ideal solutions for the home barista and the barista.

"Ciao" Spinel Coffee Pod Machine

ESE Paper Pod Machine

190.00 €

"Lola" Spinel Coffee Capsules Machine

compatible capsules FAP (Espresso Point)

240.00 €
In offerta

Automatic coffee grinder Anfim Best on Demand

480,00 432,00

Automatic Coffee Grinder Lelit Fred


205.00 €

Bacchi Espresso Coffee Machine


305.00 €

Brewer Stand Set SCS-S02


200.00 €
In offerta


electric filter coffee machine

789,00 749,55
In offerta


Coffee maker with glass handle 6 cups

45,01 40,51

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