Fazenda Rodomunho




Aromatic notes


From the Brazilian heights of the Cerrado Mineiro in the state of Minas Gerais. A balanced and sweet variety of Yellow Bourbon coffee.



Origin: Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais

Finca: Fazenda Rodomunho

Growth altitude: 1.340 mt a.s.l.

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Processing method: Natural

Certifications: Specialty

Cupping score: 88

Everything you want to know

Rodrigo, Thiago and Renato Corsi belong to the fourth generation of coffee producers at the Fazenda Rodomunho. In fact in 1860 Rubens Corsi and Elzi Faria, the first of Italian and the second with Portuguese origins, had started growing coffee, first in the regions of Paraná and Rio de Janeiro and then settled in Minas Gerais. 

Fazenda Rodomunho is located in the heart of Cerrado Mineiro mountains, more precisely in a valley and area internationally known for the production of the highest quality Specialty Coffees.

The altitude of Fazenda Rodomunho varies between 1000 and 1340 meters asl and a wide variety of botanical varieties of Arabica coffee are grown here.

We met Thiago Corsi thanks to Thiago Veneroni, our dear friend and companion during a trip to Brazil through the coffee plantations we did in 2019. In fact, Eleonora Bernini and Helena Oliviero, of our Caffèlab Mokaflor group made a journey through various coffee growing areas in Brazil, also passing by the area of Minas Gerais, where the Fazenda Rodomunho is located. Read more about this trip at the following link

The lot we have selected is Yellow Bourbon, a variety that adapts perfectly to the climate of the Cerrado Mineiro and has an exceptional sweetness as its characteristic.

The harvest is done manually with a selective picking that allows collecting only the most mature drupes, the ones with a bright yellow color. On the same day of harvest, the fruits begin processing with the natural method which involves a drying phase on the concrete patios of the Fazenda Rodomunho until the right level of humidity is reached inside the beans.

After drying, the parchment are left to rest for 60 days before being prepared for export.

The cup has sweet fruity aromas reminiscent of tropical fruit and citrus fruits, a creamy body, and excellent sweetness make it a perfect coffee for espresso. In the sweet and clean aftertaste, there are notes of milk chocolate.

When tasted according to the SCA protocol, this coffee obtained 88 points

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