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"Barista in un libro"

Technical manual for the barista

12.00 €

"Boost" herbal tea

Remedium N.2

18.00 €

"Brewing in un libro"

basic and intermediate level manual

14.00 €

"Caffè Verde in un Libro"

Green coffee manual

12.00 €

"Ciao" Spinel Coffee Pod Machine

ESE Paper Pod Machine

190.00 €

"Coffee Experts"

coffee manual

55.00 €

"Coffee tasting"

professional tasting manual

45.00 €

"Digestive" herbal tea

Remedium N.3

18.00 €

"Focus" herbal tea

Remedium N.5

18.00 €

"Hangover" herbal tea

Remedium N.4

18.00 €

"Italian Cappuccino Latte Art"

Latte Art & cappuccino manual

55.00 €

"Lola" Spinel Coffee Capsules Machine

compatible capsules FAP (Espresso Point)

240.00 €

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