Jimmy Hiroia coffee scale

for brewing and espresso

The new smart and professional Jimmy scale by Hiroia is perfect both for espresso and brewing extractions.


Everything you want to know

A high quality professional scale, dedicated to the barista and coffee lover who wants to keep all the coffee extraction variables under control.

The Hiroia Jimmy has a minimal yet elegant design, with a magnetic and removable display that is well lit and clearly visible. Jimmy quickly connects to any smartphone via bluetooth, simpy by installing the app that allows you to control every detail of the extraction with four different functions:

  • Espresso: developed for espresso machine extractions and with three different control modes
  • Pour Over: for filter extractions with various manual brewing techniques
  • Training: to test and train your skills with pouring constancy
  • Display: replicates the scale's display also on your smartphone

All functions can still be controlled even without a smartphone and simply by using the touch display. Jimmy's battery lasts for 30 hours before you'll need to recharge it via USB cable (which is included) and is water resistant.


* Capacity of the scale: 2000 g / 2 Kg
* Sensitivity: 0.1 gr
* Dimensions of the scale support base: W120mm x D120mm x H19mm
* Touch Display Dimensions: W120mm x D25mm x H25mm
* Total size: W120mm x D145mm x H25mm
* Total net weight: 440 gr
* Touch display: LED, 3 clicks per timer; 5 clicks for Weight (g / oz) / 3 keys for Operation
* Battery: Polymer lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 3.7V, 520mAh x 2
* Input: 5VDC, 1A
* Operating temperature range: 10 to 40⁰C
* Battery life with continuous use: 10 hours
* Battery life with Standby after shutdown: 1000 hours
* Materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, PC, ABS, rubber
* Bluetooth module: BT 4.1
* Accessories supplied in the package: Micro USB cable x 1, HIROIA Magnetic tag x 1, Practical guide x 1
* Country of origin: Made in Taiwan

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