Gianduja chocolate

Cacao Crudo

This vegan and organic Gianduja dark chocolate bar by Cacao Crudo, is created with the highest quality, non-roasted and whole hazelnuts, which make this raw chocolate bar truly unique and delicate!


Everything you want to know

To create this delicious chocolate bar, first a hazelnut paste is made by finely grinding non-roasted hazelnuts of the "Tonda Gentile Romana" type. The hazelnut paste is then combined with other two very simple ingredients: raw cocoa mass and coconut flower sap which give the chocolate a soft and delicate texture and taste.

Moreover, the non-roasted and whole hazelnuts (30%) provide a high amount of oleic acid and give all their aroma in a balanced way that best exalts the organoleptic shades of raw cocoa (minimum 50%). The taste of this Gianduja dark chocolate is of an enchanting warmth and roundness.

Gianduja dark chocolate:

50 grams: Classic tablet, sealed in a freshness-saving bag covered in an elegant case in 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. Entirely vegan product.


What is Cacao Crudo?

Cacao Crudo (which means Raw Cocoa in Italian)  is a new way of making and tasting chocolate and the first raw chocolate producing company in Italy!

The company uses the finest single-origin cocoa variety Criollo from the Peruvian Amazon, which never undergoes a processing above 42°C, a threshold above which the deterioration process of various nutrients begins. The classic roasting process of cocoa beans is replaced by slow drying in protected atmospheres. In this way, clear, full (and decidedly out of the ordinary) organoleptic notes are brought to your palate.

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