V60 01 Hario in Ceramic


One of the most famous accessories for preparing a filter coffee manually, the V60, which as its name implies has V-cone shape with a 60° angle.  The Hario V60 will give you a very clean cup of coffee and enhance the aromas of your beans.



Everything you want to know

The V60 is one of the most famous accessories for manual filter brewing and as its name implies, it's nothing more than a V-shaped cone. With its 60° angle it can give a very clean cup of coffee and enhance the aromas of our beans.

One of the main characteristics that distinguish the V60 from other brewers and make it one of the most loved brew method in Third Wave coffee shops is the large central hole and the internal spirals that improve the "Turbolence". This turbolence, is simply a circulation of the water in a downward spiral (together with the coffee), which helps the homogeneity of the aroma extraction.

Don't forget to also buy the paper filters you find here and maybe add a manual coffee grinder like this one to start using this coffee maker, the right away.

To improve the accuracy of your pouring use a kettle with a Goose Neck spout like this really cool.

A scale equipped with a timer to always keep the extraction parameters under control is also very important. It is true that we can use a home scale and a timer that we have on our smartphones, but this is really beautiful and you can't do without it.

The 01 is the smallest version of this dripper, ideal for 1 or 2 cups. Also take a look at the larger 02 version. The perfect thermal stability of the ceramic will make you fall in love!

However, you should always remember to preheat the Hario V60 with hot water. For more information take a look at this video which goes with the product. Got any questions or doubts? Come visit us for the full immersion days on coffee brewing of our school!

For the barista who wants to propose a small Brew Bar in their coffee shop.

For coffee lovers who love to prepare a cup of filter coffee at home in a simple, easy and good way!

Capacity: 1/2 cups

Colors: White, Red


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