Moka Mini

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A coffee maker which combines the tradition of the Italian Moka Coffee Pot with an original design in this two-cup version.



Everything you want to know

The Moka coffee maker is one of the classics of the Italian coffee tradition. This version, which pours coffee directly into the two cups, is a bit lighter and more colorful.

This 2-cup model is entirely made in Italy, in an elegant black color and personalized with our hashtag #happycoffeepeople.

How do you prepare a coffee with the Moka?

  • Fill the coffee maker up to one millimeter below the valve with hot water. In this way, the extraction of the coffee will be faster and will limit any hints of bitterness
  • Put the filter on and fill it with ground coffee without pressing it
  • Place the Moka pot on the gas, with a low heat / flame and place the cups on the base
  • Wait until the coffee flows into the cups, filling them completely

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305.00 €

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