Moccamaster paper coffee filter

01 / 04

A refill of high quality paper filters, suitable for your Moccamaster, Bonavita 5 cups and Bonavita Dripper.



Everything you want to know

Are you running out of filters for your Moccamaster?

With this pack of 80 or 100 you'll have a refill thatguarantees many more cups of aromatic filter coffee, also compatible with the Bonavita 5 cups and Bonavita Dripper. These filters adapt perfectly to this equipment and are an essential element of extraction. In fact, this special and high quality paper, bleached with active oxygen, gives us clean and aromatic cups without paper scents.

Once opened, keep them in their packaging in a cool, dry and odor-free place.


  • Material: active oxygen bleached paper
  • Filters: disposable
  • Size: 01 (80pcs) and 04 (100pcs)
  • Compatibility:

01 filters: Moccamaster Cup One

04 filters: Moccamaster KBG741-AO, Bonavita 5 cups, ceramic Bonavita Dripper

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