Mix 6 herbal teas


A mix made up of 6 herbal teas, known by Wilden Herbals lovers as Remedium, to accompany all phases of the day, and their desires.


Everything you want to know

Remedium, from the Latin "remedy, medicine, help". Wilden's Remedium are functional herbal teas created to offer you a delicious daily support on every occasion.

This line was born from careful research, selection and experimentation, aimed at offering balanced infusions in flavor and synergistic in effects. Wilden's Remedia herbal teas, combined with a healthy lifestyle and a tasty, varied and balanced diet, are ideal for taking care of yourself.

The mix contains 6 Remedium in sachets:

  • Morning
  • Night
  • Boost
  • Digestive
  • Hangover
  • Focus

packaging: Wilden cotton bag


Who is Wilden?

Wilden is an act of love towards nature. A return to the "wild" through a range of herbal products, capable of instilling well-being and sustainability. For this Wilden promotes plant education, which passes through soil fertility and the choice of exceptional raw materials, rediscovering ancient remedies and adapting them to modern needs. Each plant deserves to be known and appreciated at 360 °.

Wilden is 100% biodegradable, with a compostable filter. Each herb used is certified organic.

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