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Our Special Cut is the ideal coffee for brewing extraction methods, thanks to a light roast and a prevalence of washed Central American Arabica coffees, which enhance the acidity and aroma. The aroma has delicate notes of vanilla and red fruits.

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Our team has developed this new blend for filter coffee. We started from two very simple ideas: when the blend is made up of high quality coffees, we only need to mix a few, in order to leave each aroma distinct and identifiable. For filter coffee, the roasting profile must aim to develop aromatic notes, without seeking an excessive body (and therefore bitterness).

For this evaluation we extracted the Special Cut blend with an Aeropress, arriving to a temperature of 92°C and a brew ratio of 60gr / lt. The aromas are of vanilla and red fruits, especially blueberry. The acidity is balanced by a nice sweetness. The body is rounder compared to other 100% Arabica blends (especially when they're made up of only washed coffees) . The acidity is comparable to that of a ripe apple. The aftertaste is of a delicate caramel.

This blend was designed for filter coffee brewing.


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